Patriotic Tendencies

14 03 2010

I went to see an early showing of, “Hot Tub Time Machine,” which by the way is very funny and you should go see it when it comes out. As I was sitting there in the packed theater and listening to the conversations around me, I was thinking how I almost felt like a civilian again. If you didn’t know what to look for you might think that this is a room filled with ordinary people watching a movie. Which it is, but these people have been called to serve in a greater capacity than most. It’s almost as if I’m not on a military base, surrounded by military personnel. The lights go down, the projector flickers on and the national anthem plays. The entire room snaps to attention and there is not a sound as we watch the patriotic video playing in sync with the anthem. The video has footage from wars past and present, and of members from every branch of our military. I get a chill, a proud feeling in my gut that rises in my chest, as I realize that I am part of this great nation’s military. What an honor to be in the finest military in the world and to be able to serve and protect the finest nation in the world. I think back to other times when I got this same proud, yet humbling feeling. I remember forming up for class one morning, before the sun has shown herself. It is miserably cold, there is snow falling, our visible breath is blown by a strong Northerly wind, the temperature is near the single digits as we march. Several flights march in unison as the cadence is called. The command, “Halt”, is given. A second later and there is a single crisp heal beat heard as we execute the command in unison. I get the same feeling as I admire the discipline on display that morning by my fellow airmen. The same feeling I got when I was being sworn in at my Basic Military Training graduation parade… I recently was in danger of, being separated from the United States Air Force because of suspected asthmatic issues. The testing for asthma ended up being a long process due to certain circumstances. I was recently informed that I am fine, and don’t have asthma. I don’t think the fact that I narrowly escaped the end of my military career fully hit me until today. I am so grateful that I can continue to serve, and I thank God that He has seen fit to bless me with the ability to do my part in service to my country.




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