20 02 2010

Its that time again, time for me to take the time to update my crazy fans on my goings on! I am still in Texas, but not for long. I will graduate soon and be off to Nebraska for follow-on-training. More training, you say? How much training do I need, you ask? Well apparently a great deal of it. Its not like I will be working on aircraft worth millions of dollars everyday or anything. The silver lining here is that I will no longer be a tech-school student and wont be treated as such. I will basically be on a  TDY while in Nebraska and stay in much better dorms than here. Up until now all the training has been general system and theory of operation training, I will now be trained on the actual systems I will be working on, on my aircraft. The aircraft I am assigned to, incase I havent told you, is the RC-135. If you haven’t heard of it before, I will forgive you, because it is not a well known plane. It doesn’t get much spotlight because it is strictly an reconnaissance aircraft. Here is a picture of the RC-135.

By the time I am done with all of my training I will have been in the Air Force for a year. Wow, if I would have known there would be this much school I might have chosen another job! haha. Well I hope that I will enjoy my job, because I don’t have too much of an idea about what it will be like. Everyone says that tech-school is nothing like the operational Air Force, so I will just have to wait and find out for myself.

On another completely unrelated note, I just got a 1 TB Seagate external hard drive. Both my 230 GB laptop drive, and my 250 GB Western Digital external drive are completely full, so I needed some more space, hopefully the terabyte will last me for awhile.




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