10 06 2010

It has been awhile since I have posted anything, gomennasia. (Japanese for I am sorry) What a great segue, if I do say so myself. I surprise even myself sometimes. I am in Okinawa, Japan and I am loving it here. I thought that the island was going to be relatively boring since it wasn’t the mainland, but I was wrong. There is plenty to do here in terms of local culture and cuisine. The Okinawan culture is different from Japanese culture at that, although they do have their similarities. I am going to try and soak in as much as possible while I am here. I don’t want to do what the typical young person does here, and that is to go drinking and partying every weekend. I am not opposed to those things, but when you get right down to it, they aren’t important in the least. I am in Japan for crying out loud! You can find bars and clubs in any city in the world, why not do things that you can only do here? Why not experience the culture? I don’t want to be one of the people who leaves a base and when people ask me about it, I can’t tell them about the area that I was in. Or who regrets not experiencing the area. It will also save me a lot of money. You would be surprised, if you haven’t done that sort of thing in a long time, how much one night of partying can cost, easily adds up to hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money. Maybe I am getting past the college partying phase, I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t have the appeal it once had. I have many goals for myself while I am here in Japan, and I will proceed to put them down here so I can hold myself accountable to them. I am planning to visit the mainland at the very least once while I am here, and I also want to try and visit one of the surrounding countries as well. Like China, the Philippines, or Australia, since I will most likely not be on this side of the globe again in my lifetime. But of-course all that travel will depend on financial, and leave time factors. I will also get at least one other tattoo while I am here. I have two tattoos planned out, one is Japanese themed, and the other is definitely more western in nature. I will most likely get the Japanese one done here by an artist that is an expert in the craft of Asian tattoos. I would love to learn guitar while I am here if I have time. I want to continue my college education. Be it one class at a time or multiple, I want to keep progressing. My goal is to get my bachelors degree before I am up for re-enlistment.  Last, but definitely not least is to strengthen my relationship Christ. I admittedly have been not doing well in that department since joining the military, but I hope to change that.

End of Tech School/ Begining of Operational

11 05 2010

So after an incredibly long Tech-school I am finally done with my extra training. I have been in the Air Force a little over a year now and have yet to reach my first base. That will soon change. I leave for Japan on the 12th, as in tomorrow. I can’t wait to get there, but its gonna be a long trip. I will be spending an insane amount of time on planes to make it halfway around the world. I wish I could just press the fast forward button and already be there and settled in and ready to explore the area. I dislike moving…I love traveling, i just don’t like moving all my stuff around. If I have a main base of operations, so to speak, and then can travel around and vacation, I am happy. But moving my main base around all the time is not cool…not one bit. So I will not have internet access for an unknown amount of time, so I am off. Until the next time my friends.

Patriotic Tendencies

14 03 2010

I went to see an early showing of, “Hot Tub Time Machine,” which by the way is very funny and you should go see it when it comes out. As I was sitting there in the packed theater and listening to the conversations around me, I was thinking how I almost felt like a civilian again. If you didn’t know what to look for you might think that this is a room filled with ordinary people watching a movie. Which it is, but these people have been called to serve in a greater capacity than most. It’s almost as if I’m not on a military base, surrounded by military personnel. The lights go down, the projector flickers on and the national anthem plays. The entire room snaps to attention and there is not a sound as we watch the patriotic video playing in sync with the anthem. The video has footage from wars past and present, and of members from every branch of our military. I get a chill, a proud feeling in my gut that rises in my chest, as I realize that I am part of this great nation’s military. What an honor to be in the finest military in the world and to be able to serve and protect the finest nation in the world. I think back to other times when I got this same proud, yet humbling feeling. I remember forming up for class one morning, before the sun has shown herself. It is miserably cold, there is snow falling, our visible breath is blown by a strong Northerly wind, the temperature is near the single digits as we march. Several flights march in unison as the cadence is called. The command, “Halt”, is given. A second later and there is a single crisp heal beat heard as we execute the command in unison. I get the same feeling as I admire the discipline on display that morning by my fellow airmen. The same feeling I got when I was being sworn in at my Basic Military Training graduation parade… I recently was in danger of, being separated from the United States Air Force because of suspected asthmatic issues. The testing for asthma ended up being a long process due to certain circumstances. I was recently informed that I am fine, and don’t have asthma. I don’t think the fact that I narrowly escaped the end of my military career fully hit me until today. I am so grateful that I can continue to serve, and I thank God that He has seen fit to bless me with the ability to do my part in service to my country.


20 02 2010

Its that time again, time for me to take the time to update my crazy fans on my goings on! I am still in Texas, but not for long. I will graduate soon and be off to Nebraska for follow-on-training. More training, you say? How much training do I need, you ask? Well apparently a great deal of it. Its not like I will be working on aircraft worth millions of dollars everyday or anything. The silver lining here is that I will no longer be a tech-school student and wont be treated as such. I will basically be on a  TDY while in Nebraska and stay in much better dorms than here. Up until now all the training has been general system and theory of operation training, I will now be trained on the actual systems I will be working on, on my aircraft. The aircraft I am assigned to, incase I havent told you, is the RC-135. If you haven’t heard of it before, I will forgive you, because it is not a well known plane. It doesn’t get much spotlight because it is strictly an reconnaissance aircraft. Here is a picture of the RC-135.

By the time I am done with all of my training I will have been in the Air Force for a year. Wow, if I would have known there would be this much school I might have chosen another job! haha. Well I hope that I will enjoy my job, because I don’t have too much of an idea about what it will be like. Everyone says that tech-school is nothing like the operational Air Force, so I will just have to wait and find out for myself.

On another completely unrelated note, I just got a 1 TB Seagate external hard drive. Both my 230 GB laptop drive, and my 250 GB Western Digital external drive are completely full, so I needed some more space, hopefully the terabyte will last me for awhile.


3 01 2010

Whoa, check it out, its a video…amazing.

Tech School Part Two: Chapter 2

23 11 2009

Small update on myself. I have started school finally and am now chugging along making my way towards the end goal of graduation. And once I do graduate I found out that my first assignment will be in Japan. I am beyond excited about this recent development. Not only is it very rare to get an overseas assignment as your first assignment, but for it to also be one that you requested is even more rare! I have been blessed and am so grateful for it. For those that know me, know that I like the whole Eastern culture and language, but especially Japan’s. I am going to spend as much time as possible, while I am there, taking advantage of my surroundings and being a tourist you could say.

On a slightly different note, I am very glad I have my Xbox 360 with me now. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age Origins keep me occupied when I have down time. It also saved me money as well. Which might sound weird considering both games cost $60.00, but it keeps me from being bored and going out all the time spending money.

Prayer for the Fallen

5 11 2009

Today I had to attend a practice for a Veterans Day parade. I don’t know how many of you have ever been to an event that had a military parade or a pass and review to know how long they are, but suffice it to say they can be quite lengthy. I have been in the Air Force about 7 months now and this next parade will be my fourth. I will be honest and say that I did not have the best attitude towards being in this parade. I was quietly grumbling to myself that I have done enough marching to not have to practice for the parade and that there had to be others who luckily were exempt from the event. “Why did I have to have such bad luck,” I thought to myself as I wallowed in self pity and silently resumed my lackadaisical mood. Well, much to my surprise the practice was cut short and we marched back to the squadron, where we were briefed on the shooting incident that happened at Fort Hood. I felt like such a dirt bag. Here I was feeling sorry for myself for having to do something as simple as participate in a parade, for VETERANS DAY for crying out loud! While just hours away, American men and women were being put in danger at their homes and some losing their lives. Suddenly being in a parade didn’t seem like such a chore anymore, maybe I could march a little better than I had been and with a bit more pride. things were put back into perspective as my childish thoughts dwindled. So if you could say a prayer for those who have fallen in the line of duty, as they protected their families and their friends. Also for those family and friends who were caught up in this, and who have been affected by this tragic ordeal.